Welcome to UFCW 464A

Welcome to UFCW 464A! 

Welcome to UFCW Local 464A! We at your Local Union are pleased to serve you through the many features of this site as well as our daily work at our offices in Little Falls, NJ, and Tarrytown, NY.

On these web pages, you will find updates on Negotiations together with a listing of the Personnel who work on your behalf. The Events page provides you with dates, times, and locations of upcoming activities. Other pages provide you with answers to Frequently Asked Questions and copies of important Forms that you can print and send. See also our Organizing page for ways to aid other workers who can benefit from union membership. Browse through all of these pages. I am sure you will find valuable information to help you in your daily lives both on and off the job.

The membership of Local 464A is nearly 20,000 strong and growing in New Jersey, New York, and a part of Pennsylvania. We represent men and women who work hard and display professionalism every day at their jobs in all the major food chains. These chains include ACME, Foodtown, Key Foods, Kings, Shop Rite, and Stop & Shop. We also represent many other individuals in service-related businesses. Our members enjoy excellent wages, outstanding pensions, and all-inclusive medical benefits.

I am proud to serve as President of Local 464A, an organization that truly strives to improve the lives of our members and their families. Our headquarters are located at 245 Paterson Avenue Little Falls, New Jersey 07424. Our New York office is at 520 White Plains Road, Suite 500, Room 5082 Tarrytown, NY 10597.

TELEPHONIC DECEMBER 12, 2023 MEMBERSHIP MEETING The General Membership Meeting scheduled for TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2023 at 7:00 P.M. will be held telephonically. Members who wish to participate should contact Rosa Amica-Terra at 973-256-6790 to verify membership and obtain access instructions for participating. To hold the meeting telephonically, we must notify the Host Company as to the approximate number of participants. We must, therefore, ask members who would like to participate to contact Rosa Amica-Terra no later than Friday, December 8, 2023.
ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF STOP AND SHOP GUIDELINES FOR ADDRESSING SHOPLIFTERS The Union has been informed by Stop and Shop that it is their intention to disseminate an electronic policy restricting store associates from engagements and confrontations with alleged shoplifters.  Obviously, we have no objection to the policy on its face since our duties and responsibilities do not relate to security work or the detection and prevention of theft of merchandise by customers. The Union does however object to the guidelines under which this program is being implemented.  The form itself indicates...
KROGERS, ALBERTSONS TO SELL OVER 400 STORES TO C&S WHOLESALE FOR NEARLY $2 BILLION In the ever-continuing saga to facilitate a Kroger Albertsons merger approval, over 400 hundred stores are being divested to C&S Wholesale. As we know the FTC, before approving any merger, will conduct a study to determine if Kroger stores and Albertson stores are in such close proximity to each other that it could amount to monopolistic control.  OUR MEMBERS SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT NONE OF THE STORES BEING SOLD ARE IN NEW YORK OR NEW JERSEY.  This means that the Albertson banners doing...
FOR SHOPRITE AND RELATED COMPANY EMPLOYEES   If you worked for Village Supermarket, ShopRite Supermarkets, Wakefern, Dearborn Markets or Fresh Grocer in New York or New Jersey, you may have received a notice about a class action settlement. The case involves an underpayment of overtime due to an error in the company’s payroll software program. The company discovered the error and corrected it before the lawsuit was filed. The Union had no notice of the error and no way to discover this and we will now ask for a request for information concerning the matter.   The company has agreed...