Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Frequently Asked Dental Questions

1. Q. Do my benefits include dental care?

A. Yes, eligible full-time and part-time UFCW Local 464A members may utilize the dental plan.

2. Q. Do I need a dental card like my Horizon BC/BS medical and Express Scripts prescription cards?

A. No, a dental card is not required.

3. Then what do I present when I go to my dentist’s office?

A. Present your UFCW Local 464A Membership Card and advise your dentist that you are covered under the UFCW Local 464A self-insured dental plan. If your dentist has any questions or wishes to confirm your eligibility under the plan he/she may call the Local 464A dental department at 973.256.5803.

4. Q. What dental care procedures are covered?

A. To understand what is covered under the UFCW Local 464A dental plan see your Group Reimbursement Welfare Plan booklet.

5. How do I obtain my Group Reimbursement Welfare Plan booklet?

A. See your Shop Steward and ask him/her to obtain a copy for you from your Local 464A Union Agent or Service Representative.

6. Q. I am a part-time employee; can I add my dependents to my dental plan?

A. You must be a full-time employee to include your eligible dependents under the Plan.

7. Are Orthodontics (braces) and Periodontics covered under the dental care Plan?

A. Orthodontic and Periodontic care are not covered under the plan. However, procedures in these categories are available at reduced fees if performed at Local 464A’s main participating dental offices located in Little Falls and Woodbridge, NJ.

8. Does that mean I must only use one of Local 464A’s participating dental offices?

A. No, you may use any dentist of your choosing. Payments for covered procedures will be made according to the Schedule of Allowances under the UFCW Local 464A dental care plan. Any treatment plan expected to exceed $200.00 must be approved in advance via a pre-authorization form. Have your dentist submit the pre-authorization form to the Little Falls office, attention Dental Claims.

9. Q. How can I find the Local 464A participating dental center closest to me?

A. For a list of the UFCW Local 464A participating dental centers see your Group Reimbursement Welfare Plan booklet or click here.