Peapod, Amazon and Meal kits

           Since Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods over the summer, many supermarket chains are making changes to acclimate to the new competition. Amazon’s entering into the grocery-retail space is impactful due to the breath of Amazon’s capabilities.

"Grocery Wars"

        In an article entitled, Grocery Wars: Supermarkets face new challenges as consumers shop around, Joan Verdon outlines that now, more so than ever, consumers are using the “shop-around” method of supermarket buying. Gone are the days where someone went to one store once a week for the families shopping in a one stop fashion.

Annual Shop Stewards Seminar 2017

             On the brisk Tuesday morning of October 17th, John T. Niccollai, President of the Local 464A addressed the Shop Stewards of 2017’s annual Shop Stewards Seminar. “If you leave here today, knowing more than you did this morning, today will have been a success”, Niccollai prompted the Stewards to give each and every speaker and their presentation their undivided attention with the sole purpose being-- to learn.

Prepackaged Meat Update from President John T. Niccollai

Prepackaged Meat Update from President John T. Niccollai
November 18, 2016

As all our Brothers and Sisters know, UFCW Local 464A has not looked favorably on the introduction of prepackaged meat by Stop & Shop and others. Our experience has indicated that some companies, such as Pathmark, destroyed their business and ultimately went bankrupt, along with A&P, after the total introduction of prepackaged meat failed miserably.


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