Supermarkets as Pillars

            Local Supermarkets are always a vital part of every community. Most supermarkets partake in many charitable avenues to help communities in need. When natural disasters cause devastation, it is often supermarkets that serve as a safe haven for community members. In the wake of the hurricanes that have been devastating the south over the past few months, Mike Eardley wrote an article for the Supermarket News which emphasized that supermarkets are “pillars of communities”. When communities experience disaster local supermarkets typically remain open to help service its customers during the difficult time.

            Eardley states, “As these crises have demonstrated, supermarkets are much, more than just businesses operating in a community. They are an active part of the community”, it is important for supermarkets to act as staples in communities. Many customers view their local supermarkets as fundamental parts of the towns they live in. Not only do grocery stores provide physical aid by providing goods to their customers, but many in addition donate money towards relief. ShopRite donated over $100,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief. ‘Albertsons’, a company that owns ACME Markets along with many others, helped raise millions for hurricane relief funds.

            However, it is not only during disaster that grocery stores aid their communities. ACME Markets published an article written by Nancy Cohen for The Record in which they covered their extensive food drives to support the fight against hunger. Additionally, ShopRite has program “Partners in Caring” which acts as a vital fundraising entity among its stores to help raise money and supplies for the hungry. 

           The supermarket industry is one made up of people whose main purpose is to service its community. Whether that is with the physical goods it provides in its stores, or helping raise money for those who need, supermarkets truly act as pillars in local communities.