One thing we can all be sure of is that neither President Donald Trump nor Vice President Joe Biden will take full responsibility for supporting you and your family – that’s our obligation. So then what are the things that matter about the candidate we support from a Union point of view, based upon economics and a better lifestyle?

First, no one likes to be told which candidate they must vote for, and this article will not do that. Second, we also will not deal with personalities and will not insult the integrity of either candidate.

Speaking from an economic point of view, we should evaluate which party candidate is in favor of a higher wage for all working people who are fighting to stay in the Middle Class. Next, which candidate wants a Medical Program to provide essential services for all? We, as members of Local 464A, have an ACA compliant Medical Plan with no co-pay that includes doctor visits, hospital coverage with major medical, prescription drugs, dental, optical and legal. We must protect that excellent coverage and must fight fiercely to make sure no Politician takes it away. We must also make sure no Politician attempts to tax the value of our Medical Program as a form of additional income.

Our non-contributory Defined Benefit Pension Plan is also something that must be protected by the individual who will serve as our President. He should recognize that Social Security is in trouble and has to be salvaged to complement our Union Pension Plan. Receiving both checks will allow us to retire with dignity.

I would be remiss if I failed to state that part of a better lifestyle obviously includes the ability of the President to keep us safe. The living conditions during the past seven months have all of us in a highly anxious state both on the job and at home. We must evaluate the leadership qualities of both parties and their candidate, and decide who can best deliver us from the scourge of COVID-19.

There are a myriad of other issues upon which we have not touched in this article because they are related to religious or personal beliefs and unrelated to traditional subject matter in which Unions get involved.

There is, however, one final important issue that we must discuss because it is the cornerstone of every good Union. That issue is equality. Whether it be racial, gender, age or otherwise, our Union views all members as being important and equal. Men and women earn the same wages for doing the same job, along with our Brothers and Sisters of all ethnic groups and sexual orientation. When deciding upon who should lead us into the future as our President, please factor in the issue of who will best promote equality, which is essential in order to deliver in reality the lifestyle upon which this great nation was established.

We would ask our Brothers and Sisters to go online, or in their own way, to research and review the projected positions of the candidates for President concerning the issues enumerated in this article. The position of the candidates is diametrically opposite, but you must learn that by your research and not from the Union to be an important factor on how you vote.

Please exercise your right to vote, and vote your interests concerning what’s best for your future. Remember, your Union can deliver so much more in our contracts if the administration in Washington has our back.