Seafood Gap:

          The Wall Street Journal released a journal report entitled Future of Food, which featured an interview with T.J. Tate and Amy Novogratz about “The Large Seafood Gap”. Ms. Tate, director of sustainable-seafood program at the National Aquarium, explained that consumers are unaware how rapidly the need for seafood is increasing due to the population.

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The ‘Fiercely Loyal’ Customer

          With all the changes happening in the supermarket industry, it is easy to be swept up in the new technologies breaching the market. Walmart is dramatically increasing the investment in the online grocery department of their chains. In addition, Amazon’s entry into the supermarket industry with its purchase of Whole Foods has some stores worried about upgrading their online presence.

Transparency in Sustainable Seafood

           In today’s market, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with a transparency in the items they buy. Shoppers are interested in where the fresh food they’re buying comes from; whether it is in local produce, fresh cut beef cut on site, or the origins of fresh seafood.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Given all that you do for our union family and yours, I wish I could thank you personally.


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