ShopRite's Butchers "A Cut Above" and the Importance of Fresh Cut Beef

             Local supermarkets are constantly competing for the extra edge; one way some grocery stores are staying above the competition is with a wide variety of specialized meats cut on premises. ShopRite published an article in The Record, highlighting their stores meat department.

             The article outlined that the majority of ShopRite’s in-store butchers come from a long line of people who are all passionate about bringing quality product to all of their customers. Every day, ShopRite’s butchers are cutting and packaging fresh meats on site. Some chains rely heavily on pre-packaged meat, but ShopRite is just one example that demonstrates that customers are more likely to shop where they know the meat they’re getting is a high quality and fresh cut.

             ShopRite takes pride in having an experienced butcher on site to provide individualized customer service to every customer that walks through their doors. The butchers of ShopRite take pride in their craft and customers notice and appreciate their expertise. Orazio Suriano the meat manager of the ShopRite of Ramsey has one customer who travels dozens of miles to Ramsey with knowledge that the cut and quality of meat their receiving is the highest level of freshness.

             Customers are drawn to stores which carry products known to be fresh. This level of quality is expected by all, proving the growing importance of carrying fresh red meat in stores as opposed to pre-packed meats. Customers are known to return to stores where they have received quality meat, and ShopRite acts as an example. When people know what they’re buying, they will return and continue to do business with that company.