Mobile Medical Unit



An important feature of the medical benefits provided through your membership in UFCW Local 464A is the Mobile Medical Unit. Outfitted with up to date equipment and staffed by a registered nurse, the vehicle travels the Local 464A region Monday through Friday each week. Members can conveniently take advantage of its services at their place of work under a program that is overseen by a Plan physician. There is no charge for a Mobile Medical Unit health screening.

Through the services of the Mobile Medical Unit many conditions such as hypertension and diabetes have been diagnosed resulting in early treatment that has improved and saved many lives. Among the health conditions that can be detected through simple,  non-invasive screenings are:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol Levels
  • Pulmonary Function (lung)

The professional staff of the Mobile Medical Unit makes the following commitments to you:

  1. Confidentiality – All information discussed with you will be held in strict confidence at all times
  2. Smokers – We encourage you to avail yourself of our services. No lectures!
  3. Referrals – We will assist you with referrals to doctors and facilities as needed
  4. Advice & Counsel – We will work with you to help make your health and quality of life better

To find out when the Mobile Medical Unit will be in your area click on our schedule  or speak with your Shop Steward, Union Representative or Store Manager. Notices are sent to each store two weeks prior to each visit.

Take advantage of this valuable service – your good health is the key to a happier life!