Message from President John T. Niccollai - 6-24-2016

JUNE 24, 2016

ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Kings and Foodtown

On behalf of your Local Union, it is most rewarding to report the certified tally of votes regarding our joint contract ratification.

We receive a total of 3,715 votes from all Companies.  
             There were 3,684 Yes Votes
             19 No Votes
             12 Voided Ballots (either left blank or voting both Yes and No)

Statistically, 99.2% of the members voting submitted a ballot in favor of accepting the Companies’ final proposal.

As we stated previously, this is one of the finest contracts that will be negotiated anywhere within our UFCW.  We hope it serves as a springboard for all our Sister Locals to do well in their upcoming negotiations.

I wish to strongly impress on the members from the Companies involved in these negotiations, that an amazing result like this is only possible where our Brothers and Sisters are totally loyal to the Local Union, and are militant in their determination to achieve an excellent contract.  You have our deepest thanks for your loyalty and your militance.  May this contract serve as a lasting example of what we can achieve when we act in concert to fulfill our needs and improve our lifestyle.

I would be remiss if I failed to list the names of the Committee Members as follows:

Steve Afonso
Anthony Leone
Kevin Remus
Kevin Thomas

Stop & Shop
Juergen Buechele
Russell Mandanici
Jonathan Pepe
Richard Stewart

Kerry Alden
Brian Locilento
Christopher Tolan

Vinnie Rutkowski
Kevin Jenkins

If you should run into one of these Brothers or Sisters, please extend a “Thank You” for a job well done!