Local 464A 2016 Scholarship Program

Do Not Miss This Great Opportunity

Pursuant to a program adopted by the Trustees of the Educational Benefit Fund, twenty (20) scholarship grants will be awarded to eligible members or their eligible dependents, including eligible dependents of part-time members.

Seventeen (17) of the twenty (20) scholarship winners will each receive $2,000.00 for the first year of College, and the three (3) top scholarship winners will receive $2,000.00 per year over a four-year period. To be eligible, a qualified member must be in continuous good standing for at least twelve months immediately preceding June 1, 2016. 

If you, the member, or one of your children will be graduating High School in June 2016 and have attained a good level of academic success, your application is invited. The only criteria used by the Scholarship Fund Committee is the academic record of the applicant and the information supplied on the application; therefore, it is necessary that all responses be accurate and complete. No application can be processed unless an official transcript of the student’s High School grades, complete up to the fall term of the senior year and SAT or ACT scores are filed with this office before the closing date, June 1, 2016.

The applicant should have the High School forward this transcript directly to: Local 464A, 245 Paterson Avenue, Little Falls NJ, 07424 Attention: Scholarship Fund Committee

It is incumbent upon the applicant to verify that his or her application, transcript and College Board scores are received by the Fund Office. The Fund Office is not responsible for any materials that are not received.

Print the 2016 College Scholarship Application and read more about our guidelines and application process.