Labor Day is almost here, the day when working men and women celebrate collectively their importance to the American Way of Life. 

Without question, it’s the workers who have made this Country great, not the businessmen and certainly not the Politicians.  The businessmen understand, although they are reluctant to admit it, that their capital and business savvy is totally worthless without the working men and women like ourselves to bring their plans to fruition and to give them success.  It’s unfortunate that we live in a society where working people are not held in higher esteem and truly recognized as the reason for a better lifestyle for all here in America.

As members of a Labor Union, we have made a decision that we can do far better in dealing with big business by doing so in great numbers, with competent Leadership acting on our behalf.  That decision has obviously served us well and has enabled us to attain middleclass wages, vacations, holidays, sick days, personal days, Sunday premiums, no co-pay Health care and no co-pay Pension Plans. 

Everyone should understand, however, that we work hard at our jobs.  We’re on our feet all day long.  We’re lifting, packing and slicing in cold often wet areas that take its toll on our health.  We wind up many times with arthritis, bursitis, back problems, circulatory problems and respiratory issues from working in and out of cold and drafty areas.  Let no one say that we’re not entitled to what we receive, and for those who would question it, we challenge them to walk a day in our shoes!

For some of us employed by A&P/Pathmark, we’re going through a “Hellish Period” with a cloud obscuring what the future may bring.  However, we are making great progress in securing replacement jobs for our Brothers and Sisters of A&P/Pathmark.  We have secured over 4,000 positions to date and a Severance safety net for those members currently losing jobs in the 10 stores closing within our jurisdiction.

As a member of a Labor Union, you are being represented by a Leadership that is talking daily with Employers in an effort to sell more stores and get more good Union jobs.  Again, that process is going well and we are confident that the final result will show substantially more stores being sold than previously anticipated.

To all our members as you celebrate Labor Day, be cognizant of the fact that it is you, as part of the Labor Movement in this Country who are responsible for the creation of the middleclass and the greatness of America.  Please take this day to reflect on the importance of your role within our Society.  Although we don’t find many statues and memorials celebrating the importance of workers, we should be ever mindful of our invaluable contributions to America’s success.  You, the members/workers, are the “TRUE HEROES OF LABOR DAY”!!


                                           STAY STRONG!


                                       HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!