A&P/Pathmark Update from President John T. Niccollai - 9/14/15


Your Union is getting questions concerning the progress of our contract negotiations with the Companies presently seeking to acquire the bulk of our A&P/Pathmark stores.  We understand the members in the stores sold are concerned about the contract language that will govern their future.  We also understand completely what our members want us to negotiate on their behalf.  For your Union to rush to get a contract which would classify you as a new employee concerning wages, benefits and emoluments makes no sense.  To give up our Pension Benefits and Medical Plans to get a quick deal does a grave disservice to all.

The Union is working very hard to get a contract agreement that is right for the members/workers.  The Union believes strongly that we have already given substantially to A&P/Pathmark to keep our jobs and to allow the Company to stay in business.  Notwithstanding that fact, the new Employers have taken the positon that the members/workers are to be new hires to Acme and Stop & Shop.  Your Union is adamant that you, the member, must be given credit for your past service in the areas of wages, benefits and seniority.  

To even complicate the situation further, the Union must also establish Pension Plans and Medical Plans to replace those which will no longer be available to A&P/Pathmark members.  Simultaneously, we must also preserve those Pension Benefits we have previously earned.  All of us, who have witnessed the negotiating process through the years, understand that it proceeds slowly at first and then moves quickly near the conclusion.  The situation here is no different.

Your Union has always represented you well in the past.  We have attained wage levels and benefit programs others pray to secure.

Stay calm and be aware that you are in expert hands.  Also, be aware that you are among the most fortunate who, at this point, know you have been offered reemployment.  We are working tirelessly to extend your position to many of our Brothers and Sisters.  We are also working toward a conclusion in this process, which will cause all our members to be UNION PROUD!