A&P/Pathmark Update from President John T. Niccollai - 8/14/15


As we sit with the new Employers buying our stores and we seek to reach a contract agreement, we posture to negotiate from a position of strength not weakness.  Obviously, management is attempting to make the best deal possible for themselves, and save as many dollars as possible in future operations.

The new Employers know our greatest strength is the solidarity of our membership who possesses the ability to build a successful Company when given competent management.  Another factual strength is in the great store locations, which cannot be duplicated, in today’s costly and complex building environment.

Projected issues in the negotiations are extremely complicated, especially in the areas of Health Care, Pensions and wages.  Attempting to blend Health Care Plans and Pension Plans with other existing Plans is a nightmare. Establishing appropriate wage rates for all could challenge Einstein.  

Local 464A clearly hears the demands of the membership, and we recognize that we have suffered enough from A&P/Pathmark and the last round of decisions from the Bankruptcy Court.  We certainly don’t want more economic hurt from our new Employers.

We know from the WARN Notices that all stores are scheduled to close, and that causes us no surprise.  However, to those members in unsold stores, be aware we are exploring all avenues to get more stores sold every minute of every day.  We have an enormous collection of talent within the 14 UFCW/RWDSU Locals, our International and our hired Professionals.  We are equipped to deliver the best contract possible.  We know getting everything we need from these negotiations with our new Employers is a long shot, but we’re betting on our Team.