A&P/Pathmark Update from President John T. Niccollai - 10/17/15

A&P/PATHMARK UPDATE – 10/17/2015

Your Union has been informed that ACME Supermarkets still needs to fill a substantial number of positions in each A&P/Pathmark store purchased over and above the present number of employees working in that particular store.  The Company has also indicated that they currently have over 700 resumes on file, which were submitted through your Local Union.  

Based on the immediate need for personnel and the overwhelming number of resumes submitted, the Company has now determined that they cannot call all people who have submitted a resume. The Company now wants those individuals who have filled out resumes to proceed to an ACME store, in which they wish to be employed, that is currently operating.  Union Business Agents will be in the stores over the weekend with Employment Applications, which should be completed. Bring the Store Manager the completed application and inform him that a resume for employment is already on file with the Company.  The fact that you have a resume on file, as submitted by your Union, will act to your benefit in procuring employment.

We have included herein all the locations of the ACME stores which are presently operating or will be operating in the future. Stores converted will accept the Employment Application upon completion of the conversion. Also, we have included an Employment Application in the event you are not in your store at the time of your Union Business Agent's visit.