A&P/Pathmark Update - 8/10/15


To prevent a panic and the Rumor Mill running at full speed, we are informing all our members as to what will commence tomorrow in all stores.

Late this afternoon, we were notified that the Company will be issuing WARN Act Notices to all members.  This includes a notice to members in stores that are sold, as well as a notice to members in stores scheduled to close or not yet sold.

The position of Local 464A has always been that the WARN Act applies to all members and, at this point, those protections under the WARN Act will be afforded to all.

This is a positive procedural occurrence and should not be viewed in any manner as any type of a problem.  It will not interfere with the sale to Albertson’s, Stop & Shop or any prospective buyers.

We will be meeting with A&P tomorrow, Tuesday, August 11, 2015, at the Local 464A Offices.

We will continue to keep our members updated as events occur.