As you are aware, the second round of the A&P/Pathmark Auctions produced limited store sales in our jurisdiction.  We saw Key Foods submit bids for the Getty Avenue Food Basics in Paterson, New Jersey; the Food Basics in Glen Rock, New Jersey; the Food Basics in Fairview, New Jersey; the A&P in Bedford, New York; the Pathmark in Port Chester, New York and the A&P in Harrison, New York.

In addition, Foodtown submitted two bids: the A&P in Washington Township, New Jersey and the A&P in Old Tappan, New Jersey.  Bogopa, who we presently have under contract, was the successful bidder on the Pathmark in Elizabeth, New Jersey and the A&P in Fairview, New Jersey.

Several non-Union operators submitted bids to which we have filed objections, including the A&P in Hastings on the Hudson, New York; the Food Basics on 30th Street in Paterson, New Jersey; the Food Basics in Passaic, New Jersey and the Food Basics in Belleville, New Jersey.  The Pathmark in Jersey City, New Jersey and the Pathmark in Edison, New Jersey were bid on by Tawa, Inc., another non-Union operator.  As of this date, we are still awaiting the results of the objections to these non-Union sales.

A small number of stores were also bid upon by landlords seeking to reclaim their properties.  These stores include the A&P in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey; the A&P in Marlboro, New Jersey; the A&P in Mamaroneck, New York; the Pathmark in Fairlawn, New Jersey; the Pathmark in Yonkers, New York and the A&P in Millwood, New York.  The A&P in Yonkers, New York was awarded to CVS.

It is our understanding that at some point in the immediate future, there will be a so called “Clean Up Sale” to resolve the disposition of all other stores unsold and otherwise unaccounted for herein.

Your Local Union is continuing to work tirelessly, speaking with Union Employers both large and small and working through our Professionals and International, to help sell more of those stores that remain unsold.  In addition, we have been working with ACME concerning their Preferential Hiring List and have already submitted over 500 resumes to ACME based on their discussions with the Local that they need to increase the present workforce substantially.  That procedure is going well, and we are hearing from members that they are being hired by ACME based on the submission of those resumes.  We would once again urge all our Brothers and Sisters seeking reemployment who have not submitted a resume to the Local Union to go online, fill out the form and follow the instructions for submission.  Those members that do not have access to a computer should immediately contact their Union Business Agent who is equipped with a resume form for members to fill out and submit.  Duplicate submissions are not necessary and tend to complicate the process.

As we had indicated in earlier postings, some of these former A&P/Pathmark locations may go dark prior to being acquired by a Successor Company.  If you are a member in one of those stores which will go dark, again we remind you that the Bankruptcy Court has indicated you will be entitled to Severance Pay and continued Health Insurance for both full-time and part-time members.  The Severance Pay amounts are substantial, and certainly will provide a safety net pending the outcome of the store which still remains unsold.  Again, your Union believes that many of these A&P/Pathmark stores are much too valuable in today’s economic market to remain closed for extensive periods of time.

As we get additional information from the Bankruptcy Court, we will continue our updates.  Again, remember to fill out and submit a resume if you are seeking future employment because of a store closing.