ACME Contract Negotiations Update - 12/2/16


President Niccollai reported that we have reached an outstanding Contract Settlement with ACME Markets on behalf of the membership.  The Contract Committee voted unanimously to recommend ratification to the members concerning the Agreement.

Some of the Highlights are as follows:

•    No Concessions  --  No Givebacks.
•    The continuation of no co-pay Medical for the Term of the Agreement.
•    Full-time wage increase of $115.00 per week for Department Heads; $110.00 per week for Journeyman Butchers/Apprentice; $105.00 per week for full-time Meat and Grocery Clerks.
•    Part-time workforce will receive an increase of $2.00 per hour over the Term of the Agreement.
•    Members will have the restoration of the Fourth of July Holiday and General Election Day every year.
•    Three additional Sick Days and three additional Personal Holidays shall be restored under the Term of the Agreement.
•    All members shall regain the one week of lost vacation effective 1/1/2017.
•    Pension Benefits shall be increased for full-timers from $1,550.00 to $1,650.00 for 35 years of service and from $1,650.00 to $1,750.00 for 40 years of service.
•    Part-time members shall receive a Pension increase to $650.00 per month.
•    Restoration of the six-month sick leave insurance coverage for members out on illness or disability.
•    Protective language for inequities caused by minimum wage increases, and granting of visitation time if Right-to-Work Legislation is passed.
•    Grandfather language protecting all members who have benefits or emoluments greater than those herein enumerated, which continues those greater benefits and emoluments.

Union Delegates and Staff Members will be taking a ratification vote in-store tomorrow, Saturday, December 3, 2016.  Ballot boxes will be presented to the Contract Committee at the Union Hall for tallying late tomorrow afternoon.

Your Union wishes to congratulate all our Brothers and Sisters for their unshakeable resolve in demanding the negotiation of this outstanding Agreement.  The credit is yours and this result is well deserved by all.

The ratification vote tabulation will be reported on our website tomorrow late afternoon or early evening.