A&P / PATHMARK UPDATE - 07/22/2015


All of our brothers and sisters from A&P/Pathmark and Related Banners are enduring a most difficult situation and we, at Local 464A, are doing our best to protect you and keep you informed.  Be aware that your Union shares your pain and will not be satisfied until we help bring about a positive resolution to this deplorable and demoralizing situation.

Our first concern is the dissemination of inaccurate information to our membership.  The Rumor Mill is once again running rampant since the filing of the 2nd Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and, as usual, most of the rumors are distressing and untrue.

We have created a color-coded chart of the present status of each store so you, as a member, can identify your position.  This chart will reveal whether your store will close, is unsold or sold and to whom it is sold.  Please remember this is only an initial report and we expect additional bids on the unsold stores and those slated to close (refer to attachment below).

The Term Sheets (contract) provide that Union Companies must buy the stores with the contract and the employees.  However, we must remember we are in the Bankruptcy Court and a Judge, in the best interest of the parties, could modify our agreement if petitioned to do so by the Company.  We certainly do not expect the Court to unfairly extinguish our rights or to deny us jobs.  Judge Drain has been assigned this matter, and he has a reputation as a most knowledgeable and trustworthy Jurist.  A good approach to a solution for our present dilemma is to apply realistic principles of positive thinking rather than the doom and gloom of the unbelievable rumor mill.

Almost half of our stores are already sold in the first round of bidding.  We have every reason to believe there will be more stores sold.  As we have repeatedly said, most of our store locations are just too good to lay dormant.  Also, factor in the difficulty in today’s world of getting all the permits and approvals to build a new store from scratch.  That makes our store locations even more desirable and saleable.

We must also consider that the stores that are sold will fall into the hands of much better operators, with knowledge and capital to strengthen our future.  Even if only two-thirds of the stores are sold, we can easily grow our way out of the crisis.  Grand Union went bankrupt and was sold to Stop & Shop.  Today, those same Grand Union stores sold, that formerly provided 1,200 jobs, now provides 2,200 jobs to members of Stop & Shop.

All of our Local Unions, with the assistance of our International and the input of Bankruptcy Attorneys, are continually working on the A&P/Pathmark situation.  Our entire Region has become a “Command Center”, hosting constant meetings and Conference Calls.  The Local Unions have pledged loyalty to one another and unquestionably are committed to protecting our collective membership.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer everyone’s questions on this website.  However, one question we should address relates to bumping rights.   Remember, under our contract bumping can only occur where a store is closed or a worker is laid off.  With reference to the sold stores, no bumping rights exist.  The stores still unsold do not have any bumping rights at this time, and will not if they are sold.  

We are prepared to answer your questions and will continue to keep you informed through our Shop Stewards, visits by our Union Business Agents, our website or your phone calls.  Above all, keep the faith and remember you’re in competent and caring hands.